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Hey there! We’re looking out for pens who inspire and produce a difference by their authenticdiscreet, and subversive jotting on colorful exploration papers and distinct motifs.

We’re on the run to feed acceptable guidance and channelization to our compendiums who are searching for backing related to technology, business, digital marketing, software, etc. through the completely delved and instructional blogs on our website.

Submission Criteria

1. The composition must be unique you must ensure the oneness of the composition before submitting it to us.
2. The word limit of the composition must not be lower than 1000 words.
3. The keyword that you are using should be there in the title of the composition.
4. The keyword can be repeated up to outside of 8 times in a composition.
5. The content must contain a featured image.
6. Try not to place more than 1-2 external links in the composition.
7. Brand creation is not allowed in the composition.
8. CBD, Casino, Gambling, Adult, and any spammy article are not allowed.

Procedure Of Submission

Communicate us on 10minutesblog@gmail.com

If your submitted composition get approved, it’ll be published within 24 hr