How To Create A Free Blog in 2022 (Create a Blog for Free)

Free Blog

Want to Create a Free Blog?

Well, You’re in the right place. Again the question arises of how to create a free blog on blogging platforms?

You must be having that wave going on to put your passion and ideas into a blogger and build your own site. Well starting a blog is not that difficult if you look around. But, does everyone know the process of writing/starting a blog site? Nope!

Because it’s more complicated than you think. It’s not just the blog you write on, it’s more about how you prepare your blog to write on. 

This can consist of many facts. For example, Blog-theme, where to start, what is domain hosting, what niche you want to start your blogging on, how to create a website, where to blog, how to write content, and so on. 

We will be covering up those facts one by one so that there won’t be any hassle for you to create a blog for free

You have already gone through a lot of websites on how to start a blog. You might have come across the terms WordPress and Blogger/Blogspot

Yes, you can use these website builders to create a free blog

We will uncover them in our later articles. Till then buckle up and know the basics of free blogging.

But first, let’s know

Free Blog

What Blogging Is?

Blogging is the way of making your thoughts into a virtual Diary. It can be your hobby or your daily lifestyle or something you’re passionate to write about. You can also call it an online journal. 

There is still the tradition of journalling manually. Around the world, people use a diary or a notebook to keep all of their thoughts or memories or tracks of sorts in them.  We are not covering normal journaling though hehe, it’s off track.

Where were we? There, so basically blogging is inscribing your passion on an online platform.

Free Blog

Should I Start a Free Blog?

Well duh …….. Of course, you should. You’re bubbling up with all those ideas & creativity in you and you won’t even show it to the world? Don’t be so shy! Just follow my lead and let’s make your blogging come true.

Again, you can monetize your new blog to earn a passive income. Let’s not talk about a money-making blog right now. We will leave the details for making money from a blog in another article. Alright!!

Free Blog

How To Create A Blog For Free in 7 Easy Steps

There are a couple of steps on how to create a free blog. But we are narrowing them to simple 7 easy steps. So let’s start…….

01. Choose Your Niche/Passion/Interest/Idea

Choose Blog Niche/Idea/interest

Since you are thinking of starting your own blog, you must have a niche/passion/interest/idea to write about. If you don’t have any it’s better to think of something to write about first.

If you don’t have any then what’s the use of starting a blog? None!

So be sure to have something on your mind to write for. Or else you will end up leaving the blog the way it is.

Here we have gathered some of the most common searched and profitable for your future blogging. They are:-

  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Food
  • LifeStyle
  • Music
  • DIY
  • Sports
  • Fitness
  • Political
  • Finance
  • Parenting
  • Movie
  • Business
  • Personal
  • Pet
  • News
  • Car
  • Game

We will be going through a lot more detail relating to niche/passion/interest/idea very soon.

So what’s next?

02. Registering With A Blog Name/Domain

Register For a Blog Name/Domain

Before creating a blog you must pick a name and buy it for what it should be called. That’s what we call a domain. A domain is the name of your website. It gives you the authority through that domain name to represent your site. 

You must pick a domain that is available to your liking. If it’s not available then choose the one which means the same as the one you’re searching for. Try to keep it short, understanding, memorable, and precisely clear. 

You will also need to choose a Top Level Domain (TLD) for your blog such as .com, .to, .info, .org, etc. 

There are certain places where you can choose and buy your domain from. Just go for it. 

03. Buy Hosting for Your Domain

Buy Hosting for Your Domain

Hosting means parking your domain in a parking lot. It’s more like you have to buy that parking lot to put all your website’s files, media, data, etc. in it. There are tons of packages for hosting you will find on the web. 

The web has many portals but the ones that come handier are GoDaddy & Bluehost… Their services are far better than other portals. 

They come up with different packages including domain. So, it can be a good choice for you to choose a place from where you can buy both domains and host at once. 

04. Simple Blog Design

Simple Blog Design

Keep your blog design simple so that it’s easy to navigate. Remember if your blog design is complicated for the audience to go through you, they will just keep leaving your site. 

Keep your blog design color in three ranges. With white space, it will look more natural. Use fonts that are easy to read. A design that is alluring to the audience will gain you a positive side for your blog. 

So, be sure to pick a simple and attractive design for your blog.

05. Content for Your Blog

Content for Your Blog

Well well! Finally, you have your domain and hosting. But, the real challenge comes with what to put in your blog.

The main element of your blog will be its CONTENT.

Now grab a paper and pen to write down what content you want to put in your blog. Think of the possible and simplest things you’re having in your mind about the topics. This will notify you in times of your need when there’s nothing you have in mind and give a peek in your notes.

It’s very important to do this. Or else you will lose your interest in what to write on.

So be certain of putting valuable content that attracts people to your blog. Not just random stuff like posting photos only. Put your original thoughts not a copy from someone.

06. Make Your Free Blog Responsive

Make Your Free Blog Responsive

If your blog is more flexible then it will be best for the users to navigate swiftly. Try to make a responsive blog.

Work with the web developers closely and prepare. Most of the free blogging platforms offer responsive sites. For example, Google Resizer is that kind of tool to check whether your site is responsive or not.

07. Promote Your Free Blog

Promote Your Free Blog

Only blogging won’t take you anywhere. It’s better to promote your blog on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. You will also gain loads of traffic from there. It’s a good sign if you promote your site.

So, don’t forget to promote the Free blog now and then to gain visitors.

Woah!! So you have finished reading on How to create a Free blog. Then don’t just wait here start creating your free blog and flourish it with wonderful content and make your blogging come true.

Next, we will cover Best Website Builder for Blogs. Have Patience, since we write these articles well researched and easy for you to understand.

Adios Readers……

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